Updated COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols Feb 2021(2 page PDF)

Parent Letter from SD78 Mar 31, 2021(2 page PDF)

Parent Letter from SD78 Aug 31, 2020(2 page PDF)

Parent Letter from HHS Elementary Aug 21, 2020(4 page PDF)

Parent Letter for Re-opening from SD78 Aug 17, 2020(2 page PDF)

September Back to School Plan from SD78 July 29, 2020(2 page PDF)

COVID-19 Safety Plan Health and Safety Procedures and Guidelines (20 page PDF)

Harrison Hot Springs Elementary Health and Safety Addendum (1 page PDF)

COVID-19 Parent Resources from HHSE (7 page PDF)

COVID-19 Rob Fleming BC Minister of Education Letter, March 19, 2020 (2 page PDF)

Coronavirus Update – March 17, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:
I am writing to inform you that some of our staff members voluntarily self-isolated themselves today out of an abundance of caution due to concerns they had been in contact with someone who may have been exposed to the COVID 19 virus. Upon a thorough review of details, it has been confirmed that these staff members have not been exposed to the COVID 19 virus. At this time, there are no known cases of the COVID 19 virus in any of our schools in School District No 78 (Fraser-Cascade). Thank you.
Yours truly,
Karen Nelson, EdD
Superintendent of Schools

Coronavirus Update – Jan. 30, 2020

Update on Coronavirus:
The latest on federal, provincial and local efforts to address the novel coronavirus, including information to access official updates and travel advice for students and families, is included in this January 30 coronavirus update.

D. Scott MacDonald
Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Education

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Registering New Students

Registration for students in all grades will be accepted for September 2023 by email or in person starting January 3, 2023. Children who will be five years old on or before December 31, 2023 are eligible for entry into Kindergarten.

Please attach a scanned copy or photo of the following information in an email message to our secretary at amanda.isaak@sd78.bc.ca or call our office at 604.796.2838 to schedule an appointment.

    1. Registration form
      Select the “Current Registration Form” button on this page, complete the form by typing in the applicable information, save it to your device, or take a photo of it and then attach it.
    2. ID for student
      One of the following – birth certificate, passport, proof of Canadian citizenship or official immigration document.
    3. Proof of address for parent/guardian
      Examples are driver’s license, utility bill, rental agreement.

Bus Transport Application

Complete the application and send it to the email address on the form and then phone the
School District 78 Transportation Dept to confirm at 604-860-8045.
Please note that this form has to be completed for each student every school year.

School Supply Invoices

We provide school supplies for all students so that everyone has all of the items that they need and so that all supply items are similar. Also, because we buy in bulk, we are able to get quality items at a very good price.

The school supply full fee is applicable even if students arrive part way through the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office at 604-796-2838 or amanda.isaak@sd78.bc.ca

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer to amanda.isaak@sd78.bc.ca. Please email us first for the e-transfer security question and answer.

Thank you!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Harrison Hot Springs Elementary! We appreciate our volunteers and we understand that they are an integral component of curricular and extra-curricular field trips to both local and non-local destinations. Thank you to all of you who take the time to help out.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our students at HHSE, we require adult supervisors to provide a satisfactory Criminal Record Check in accordance with School District 78 Policy #6507. Please fill out the forms on this page including the section on page 2 for working with a vulnerable sector (children) and take it with two (1 photo) pieces of identification (driver’s license, Personal Health number, passport, status card, BC ID, firearms license, etc) to your local police station in your home town.

The Agassiz RCMP is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Criminal record checks for volunteers are free. Once you receive it, please bring it to the office and we will have it approved by our School District office. The approved Criminal Record Check will remain in effect for two years.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary.
Thank you!

Criminal Record Check Form (PDF)

School District 78 Policy #4000

The Board of Education states that the immediate safety of all pupils and employees is of prime consideration. In extraordinary circumstances, safety will take precedence over any, and all other considerations.

The decision to close schools shall be made only by the Superintendent of School or designate. Principals are expected to contact the Superintendent of Schools or designate before any decision to dismiss students due to extreme and unusual circumstances including but not limited to power or water outages.

Emergency Info

Where to meet your student(s) in case of emergency

      • For your safety and your student’s safety, please DO NOT go to the school.
      • Go to Village Memorial Hall – 290 Esplanade Ave, Harrison Hot Springs, BC
      • NOTE: In the case of an Intruder Alert, please DO NOT call your student if they have a cell phone. It may draw the intruder’s attention to the location of your student.